Tenants Praise the Jababeka Industrial Estate Services

Do you know the Jababeka Industrial Estate? Established on January 12, 1989, Jababeka Industrial Estate has now become an investment destination for manufacturing companies, both local and foreign.
A number of high-profile manufacturing companies have set up factories in the Jababeka industrial area, namely Mattel, Unilever, United Tractors, Samsung Electronics, ICI, KAO, Akzo Nobel, and Nissin, Chemarome Indonesia, and thousands of other manufacturing companies.
Waste treatment plant, (Foto Jababeka Group)
Located exactly 35 kilometers east of Jakarta, the Jababeka Industrial Estate has a very strategic location along the Bekasi-Cikampek corridor, and can be accessed by toll road and train with a distance of 45 minutes from Jakarta’s business center.
The various facilities and services provided by the Jabebeka industrial area manager have made a number of manufacturing companies feel at home. In fact, not a few of these companies have increased their investment in the largest industrial area in Southeast Asia. One of them is an international fragrance company, Chemarome Indonesia. 
Managing Director of PT Chemarome Indonesia, Shanon Prita, admitted that he was greatly helped by the services provided by the management of the Jababeka Industrial Estate. According to him, the success Chemarome in the Indonesian market was not spared from the success of the manager of the Jababeka Industrial Estate can make the environment in the region continues to conducive and safe 
“From the start we settled in Jababeka Industrial Estate in 2014 until today with the growth from year to year is always increased doubledigits,Jababeka is always ready, responsive and supports us. This is one part of our success, “said Shanon.
also expressed the same thing Dewi Kartika Rusli as Director of Operations PT Madusari Nusaperdana. He admitted that he was very satisfied with the service and support provided by the management of the Jababeka Industrial Estate. 
Water Treatment Plant, (Foto by Jababeka Group)
Dewi revealed that there are three factors that greatly influence our good assessment of the Jababeka industrial area manager, namely, first, related to waste management. Second, related supply to adequate electricity, and third, related to complete infrastructure. Dewi said that of the three factors, the management of the Jababeka Industrial Estate gave satisfaction to its tenants. “We are really helped (by the 3 factors),” said Dewi.
Furthermore, she said that the company engaged in processing meat, especially sausages and meatballs, has been a tenant in the Jababeka Industrial Estate since their inception, in 1995. And to date, PT Madusari Nusaperdana already has three locations in the Jababeka Industrial Estate, namely, factories, warehouses, and development centers (R&D) which are divided into different areas.
The Corporate Secretary of PT Kawasan Industri Jababeka, Muljadi Suganda, said that the management of the Jababeka Industrial Estate will continue to add facilities in the Jababeka Industrial Estate which are currently complete. This is to attract more investment into the Jababeka Industrial Estate. 
This means that more new facilities will be present in the Jababeka Industrial Estate. Therefore, if there is a company that needs a location to set up a factory or relocate the factory, Jababeka Industrial Estate can be the right choice.